Warranty Card
Product Warranty

Due to the unique reception of our dear compatriots towards the purchase of manufactured products, Sorena Carpet is ready to provide after-sales services in the field of registered warranty for our dear customers. The slogan of Sorna carpet is customer satisfaction and providing quality products, in this regard, the 60-month warranty of Sorna carpet will be a seal of approval for the authenticity and quality of the products.

Items that include warranty:

Having an extra line in the texture of the surface of the carpet
Empty texture line on the surface of the carpet
Fragmentation and fragility on the surface of the carpet
Carpet size difference (non-standard)
Absence of serekji and gunya on the sides of the carpet (non-standard)
Inconsistency of the comb and density of the carpet with the information included in the label
Contradiction of the type of carpet thread (weft, weft, nap) with the information included in the carpet label

Registration of warranty card information
  If you have purchased more than one carpet, enter the following information for each carpet separately.
  New warranty