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Machine-made carpet 1000 combs with the design of the flower spray of a navy blue chicken

Warranty: 60 months
Knots/M2: 1/000/000
Weft Yarn: Cotton
Warp Yarn: Cotton and polyester
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Warranty: 60 months
Points/M2: 2/000/000
Knots/M2: 1/000/000
Colors: 10
Pile Height: 1-/+8
Weft Yarn: Cotton
Warp Yarn: Cotton and polyester
Pile Tarn: 100% acrylic heat set
Quality Level: A+

Machine-made carpet 1000 combs with the design of the flower spray of a navy blue chicken

Decoration tips

Some people are unaware of the effect of pictures in their home. You can add meaning to the space of your home in addition to color and energy. Your home can represent the memories, beauty and successes of your life, which can have a positive effect by looking at that picture or any corner of your home. (The effect of Kashan machine carpet in home decoration)

For example, dedicate a table or a wall of your home to family photos and photos of your children. Believe in yourself and enjoy everything that represents your personality. And put it in front of your eyes. Or you can use your memorable or valuable souvenirs in your home, and this value does not necessarily have to be material or something that is valued in the eyes of others. It can be a work of art from your child or a souvenir from your parents. Or your old friend.

There are also some points about the arrangement of the frames that are mentioned here.

You should hang your frames independently in the form of a set on the wall of your home and you should not hang them with a large distance from each other. Like pieces of wood floating on the water in the ocean. hang too It is on the wall of the staircase that you can bring the frames together irregularly and arrange them asymmetrically.

Acrylic carpet

Acrylic is synthetic, similar to wool, but it is synthetic. It has the characteristics of wearability and reversibility. Acrylic has differences with other non-acrylic materials, which makes it superior and advantageous over others.

The difference between acrylic and non-acrylic carpets

1. Acrylic machine carpet is softer, clearer and brighter than polyester machine carpet.

2. When you touch the car carpet, your hand easily slides over the carpet and you don't feel the stickiness.

3. Acrylic thread does not tangle when touching the carpet and is grainy.

4. Acrylic carpet does not smell of oil and plastic materials at all.

5. It is very resistant to trampling and has reversible properties.

6. It is very resistant to indirect heat, for example, a hot kettle and a pot placed on it.

7. Acrylic car carpets have very happy, clear and lively colors.

If you did not consider any of the above items in the carpet and the carpet had roughness, stiffness, and dusty colors, it is definitely made of polyester and cannot be compared to acrylic either in terms of quality or price.